The sum of two numbers is 107. The larger number is 10 less than twice the smaller number. Find the two numbers

Accepted Solution

The two numbers are 39 and 68.Step-by-step explanation:Let, Smaller number = xLarger number = yAccording to given statement; y= 2x-10 Β  Eqn 1And, x+y=107 Β  Eqn 2[tex]Putting\ value\ of\ y\ in\ Eqn\ 2\\x+(2x-10)=107\\x+2x-10=107\\3x-10=107\\Adding\ 10\ on\ both\ sides\\3x-10+10=107+10\\3x=117\\Dividing\ both\ sides\ by\ 3\\\frac{3x}{3}=\frac{117}{3}\\x=39\\Putting\ value\ of\ x\ in\ Eqn\ 2\\39+y=107\\Subtracting\ 39\ from\ both\ sides\\39-39+y=107-39\\y=68[/tex]The two numbers are 39 and 68.Keywords: Linear equations, multiplicationLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/11007026brainly.com/question/11207748#LearnwithBrainly