Round your answer to two decimal places.In this right triangle, the length of the hypotenuse, BC, is____ units.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is Hypotenuse =  3.61 units (Rounding to two decimal places)Step-by-step explanation:We can use the Pythagoras theorem formula for solving this questions. It can be expressed symbolically as follows:  Hypotenuse² = First leg² + Second leg²  "The amount of units comprising the hypotenuse squared is equal to the addition of the measure of both legs squared."Hypotenuse² = First leg² + Second leg² Hypotenuse =  √(First leg² + Second leg² )Replacing with the real values:Hypotenuse =  √(3² + 2² )Hypotenuse =  √(9 + 4 )Hypotenuse =  √13Hypotenuse =  3.60555Hypotenuse =  3.61 units (Rounding to two decimal places)